Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Friendly Visitor.☺

So today, well more like tonight, I had some unexpected visiters. Some young women from another ward, came and visited me. I was so happy! Other than the fact that they brought me candy (even though I couldn't have any) it was nice. To even know that others care. I don't mind that they do or not but... Ok, its complicated.

Anyway, earlier that day, I invited one of my Bests, Jennifer, Over to stay the night for; 1. Her birthday and 2. We haven't spent much time together due to the fact that I haven't been able to go to seminary or much of church. Ha *I laugh at the face of near-death danger!*. So She came by, caught my family watching LIFE, a TV show. We all watched many shows. She also viewed many bicker-ings of my brother and I. Gotta Love Siblings!
But eventually we came into the room and just starting talking. Talked about my latest issues and hers. It was mainly going down memory lane. And I loved it! I remembered all the crushes we had, and feelings hurt. Lies told and True bests. Through it all.. but mainly the boys. Come on, we are still teens, theres no difference if your "Seizing the day!" or a teen who's life doesn't get shakin' up as much as our (Which is less exciting).
But it made me realize that those funny icons that I see ALOT on Facebook or Myspace, doesn't always seem wrong. Like there are some that say "Friends will be there for you when a boy makes you cry, But your bests will call him up at 2 a.m. and make chicken noises". If you know me, I would surely do that. I've realized that I've done that for many friends, not exactly that, but close to it.
You lose friends and yet you gain. In strange ways, you always have some people behind a tree, popping out, and you think that they haven't really been there for you but all along they've been with you through so much and you haven't even noticed. Its nice to know that your loved and that everyone is thinking of you, but its even better when you have someone with you through the whole "Walk in the Park".

You lose the ones you've lost, but yet you gain the ones who come back with milk!


Suzi said...

I am glad your social life isn't as bleak as you thought. It is always a boost when you feel supported by those you care about.
I will tell my brother to give Jon a punch from me- and to tell him to stop picking fights.
I love the post keep them coming!

jenkay2004 said...

Its good you're doing a blog. Now we will know whatz going on. Its good to have a friend to visit with. we miss you.