Saturday, October 25, 2008

Epileptic : We Shake Up Your World.

So today, I woke up really early. Not the best thing for me personal but apparently my mom likes it. =[. So We got all dress and ready to clean the church. Usually I go in with sweats and all funky, but we had a special occasion later. Well we got there, there was this Scout thing. I saw some old friends and parents, well not like they were my parents ha but some friends parent who are pretty fantastic. So we barely cleaned. Those rare little things we can do was bout the most excitement we had. Ha I don't know.
So later after some cleaning was done, we went to our friends house and had a little chat with them. I know this is out of no where but.. I GOT TO SEE HSM3 LAST NIGHT! And I didn't have a seizure. I am so proud of myself.
Anyways so we went to Trinity Park Way and waved signs for Prop 8. I had an awesome time. I had my music and sign. Bro. Moore was with me and cracking jokes saying "Aren't you glad you had a mommy and a daddy?!" It was great. I was dancing and laughing. Once and awhile we had very negative people show some disrespect. Though they versed their opinion which is fine, but they don't have to flip people off and such, they need yoga. I had a little quote I would say near the end of my day, "Its Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve." We had many people Pro Prop 8 which was nice.
It was about time for me to go in after about 2 hours outside in the sun and a little toasty. I got a Mormon tan. Yay!
But we had other things to do. I really wanted to go to UOP for a Speech and Debate tournament. My mom was really "brave" (as she put it) to let me go. I'm grateful that she did because I saw my teammates and got caught up on everything. My friend Jeremy, who is my absolute favorite speechies (we decided on that for each other) was really protective of me because I told my mom I was with him and he felt responsible of me. So we walked around with another teammate and everything. We went to see another teammate perform and everything. He had to see other friends of his and left me with the ladies of the team. I needed to go back to the "Layer" and chill because it was hot.
I went back there and I felt a seizure coming. I text Jeremy to come ASAP. I wake up to security and on the ground. Woohoo! Not.
I went into another. Waking up to Paramedics. "Whats your name? Do you know where you are? Did you know what who did?" Obviously I would know, ha, if I wake up to this, its obvious.
Later on after I was calm and relaxed Mom went to get the car (BTW Jeremy called my mo and got her over there and all that jazz). I have this friend that I met at a previous tournament and we have talked allot and gotten close. So he knew I was going to be there. I told him I had a seizure so if he wants to say goodbye, this would be a good time.
He came by and we talked about the most weirdest stuff. It was nice. No talk of the seizure except for a little. He told me he wouldn't want to see it. Don't blame him.
So it was time to leave and him and Jeremy practically carried me to the car. The team went with us. Pure love we have there Ha ha.
I slept when I got home and chilled. Sore to the bone. Odd for what I had because it was the a Breakthrough seizure.

Different Seizures I have:
-Absent seizure-I stare blankly out of nowhere. Its like I would be daydreaming but not. So now I have an excuse for doing that in class, if I ever go back. =[
-Breakthrough Seizure- I'm either on my side or flat back. I'm usually not stiff for my bottom half of my body, but my hands are clenched tight.
-Grandmal (I don't know how to spell it so don't trust me on that)- I'm all over the place, well not extremely but if you see one, you'll know it.

The one I had today was like a Breakthrough but my whole body was stiff as a board.
Jeremy and other people told me what I did.

I was in the chair, stiff as a board and Jeremy came and called my mom and she told me to get me on the ground. This girl named Tracy (Jeremy and her talked before, but it was full of drama till I came along ha ha). So they got me on the ground and I was apparently hard to get there. This guy came up and helped them.
I forgot what else has happened. But that's all I know.

But yeah that was my excitement. Now if anyone asks if I'm okay, I'll have something new to say thanks to my Uncle Mike =].

I sure scared allot of people today but it was more of an experience now. So I can hang out with them and they'll know what to do, yay!

I'll shake up your world for a couple of minutes but once I'm back, I'm as happy as a baby with candy. Just remember that even though I have this, it doesn't mean I'm a different person.

Peace and Love to you all. <3

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Monika said...

You don't know me (yet) but Jean Davis sent me your blog address and I have been reading it. You are so funny! I love your outlook on life! You mentioned that you don't go to your old school? Are you homeschooled?