Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So recently (wednesday), I went to a heart doctor. I was pretty much tired of these doctor visits due-to-the-fact that thats practically all I've been doing. But anyway, Mom and I got in there and she did the paper while I start the Mimzy movie. So many elderly people came in and we ended up to be the last ones in. I was happy because I got to see the begining of Mimzy.

We got in there and we got a nurse who was really kind and had a sense of humor which is nice. She told us that she'll be doing another EKG on me. It was actually pretty funny because She had to check over and over on the clamps and stickers because it would show on the computer that I was dead. Ha, so she went into the other room to get a new machine and to explain it to one of the other nurses. Once she left mom asked if I had my cellphone on me, hehe, that was the cause of it all. It was really funny because she did all that work for just a cellphone.

So It ended up being great and the doctor came in within 10 to 15 minutes. He was really good. Made us laugh and feel comfy. He explained how it could be fainting. He checked my heart and I had a weird heart-beat or something. He set us an appointment for an ECO and possibly a tilt table like a said in the last post.

So this whole week, I've been either on the computer, trying to eat (smells and sight of some food make me sick), or watching TV. I know I should be doing homework but my mind is just out of this world.

And to just let my anger out:
Even though I don't get to go to Young Womens or Sunday school, doesn't mean that I'm out for the rest of my days. I'm still in young womens. I still have a calling, unless they forgot to tell me that too! But they shouldn't forget the ones who can't go.

Bumming isn't going to help, but it sure makes you feel good down on paper and out of your system. You should try it.

--Blessed To Be Alive--

I have been also really busy this weekend but I'll give you the low-down when I'm done with my homework.

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Suzi said...

It sounds like you are always at the Doctor! The poor nurse! I am glad they are looking into all possiblities. Keep us posted.
I understand how it feels good to get some of your frustration out.