Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Times.

So yesturday I went to this "Meet 'n' Greet" with some of my bests and we had a great time. Like we sat RIGHT in front of them when they were practicing, got their autographs and such. Well while we were cracking up about our new upcoming Youtube show, that hasn't been created.

We watched this guy from who-knows-where, and he was our age and everything. We figured if he can do it, so can we so we're just waiting to get equipment and such. We're going to knock the socks off that kid. Haha

ANYWAY back to my point, when we were laughing, Hollee's (Best) dad came by and was getting his tickets. Our buddy Clint sells them anyway so we went into his office to get them (it's not as fun without us so we went for old memories). So Clint brought up that this coming November was going to be "Thunder Goes Pink" for Breast Cancer and "Thunder Goes Green" for Recycling and such, in March. So I thought to myself, well then Epilepsy should have a month. But I so recently found out that its november. I would seriously go to the games in all purple and pink for both sides.

So I then I decided that I'll wear ALL purple in January, yes I'll look funky but I can live with it. Then people would actually know that Epilepsy has its own awareness and ribbon!

So I came home and looked up some shirts. At first not for the Awareness but for my posse's show, but later thought that an Epilepsy one would be cooler.

I got on the web and searched for some shirts. Affordable and Cheap, obviously. I found some really nice ones but I'm not sure.

Sorry. I tried to put some up, but its not working. Sorry.
Anyway, I got a new nurologist and she was really nice. She explains everything so well and helps us get in and out then done. She had me in for an EEG the day after we met and gave our results that same day. Shes amazing.
But everything is working out. She couldn't find anything wrong so she's sending me to a heart doctor to see if they are fainting spells that I have seizures afterwards. It'll be this coming wednesday and I'll be on a tilt table. I'm SOO excited!

But everything is getting better. I've been seizure free for almost a week. I'm impressed with myself. Thanks for reading. I'll keep in touch!

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