Friday, October 3, 2008

Busy Days. Well Missed.

So to give you an update. My week was quite busy last week. The main one was my Moms Birthday. But others was babysitting a great friend of ours, child, Kiara. Little cutie she is. Going to a suprise partyfor a friend and going to Johns Incredibles.
So on my moms birthday, she had such a great attitude. I've got to admit, it got kinda annoying when she kept saying "Guess what? Its my birthday!", but I got over it. She was setting an example to my sis Heather. Her 18th birthday is coming up soon and she thinks that she'll have a terrible birthday because she won't go to her hockey game that she wanted to go to. I don't blame her, it was her favorite NFL team. But she doesn't need a bad attitude because of it, so mom was trying to prove a point which I think did a good job. We'll find out sooner or later huh? I keep you posted. I was proud of her though.
After the day was towards the end, we were invited to a friend of the families house for dinner. I was really nervous due to the fact that I told him that I just wanted to be friends. After everything thats been going on with my seizures, and my grandma in the care home, and my pop, who is scaring my family half to death! So he took it well, I'm just glad that weare still friends. I hate it when guys don't want to be friends with their former daters. But yet, we had a great time, took the kids for a walk while the mothers had their moments alone. I was fun though.
Time passed and food was eaten, that it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and was on our way. I asked my mom if we could stop by a friends house because it was her birthday aswell so mom said yes. I went inside and visited. Played on game of DDR (not too smart might I add) and was on my way. Long night but worth it.

The next day was a Ball! We babysat for our friend Katie. Her and her husband Ben, went to a Red Socks game. They won. And so while they were there, we were with Kiara. Busy day. We went to take Heather to school, so she played out on the grass there. She loves the outdoors. Went to In'n'Out and headed back to her house for a little nap.
Hours had passed and a suprised party came up. We left the house and picked up Heather.
We were only going to the party because it was my best friends boyfriend, an old friend, so it was for her. I can make that sacrifice. But Kiara was just dancing and such while a friend of mine and I was singing to karoke.
End of that day.

We woke up and Kiara was just laying there in her bed just looking up on the ceiling so we let her have her time. Katie and Ben came home and we had a great little chat.
Later that Night, I wasn't planning on going anywhere till I found out that a friend was going to Johns Incredibles with the Singles ward. It was so much fun. Chatted with friends, played DDR for a bit, more than a but, it was practically all I played (again, not a smooth move). I wanted to play my DDR mentor, Candy. So I challenged myself to do standard. We got really tired and sore so we failed ourselves to stop. I headed to the Jumprope game with my friend Matt and suddenly, Down I go.
Waking up to the fire department. What a joy. I was so not up to it. Obviously not. After you have a seizure you are FAR sore. especially your hands, at least mine. I'm just waiting to break a finger. They sent me on my way and while they had me on the gerny, we headed out the doors and these people were giving me an applause. I loved it to an extent but it made me feel better thats for sure.
I asked my paremedic if we could just leave since I'm fine. She said yes so we left. What a joy.
Epilepsy Awarenes --->

I asked my family not to tell my grandma about it. It would just make her disappointed at my mom for letting me out. When she's better, I'll let her know if I had one, but yeah, not now.

I'm grateful for the blessing I get. To be alive. Its surely a blessing.


Suzi said...

Johns Incredible Pizza is fun. It sounds like you are getting out and doing a lot of stuff!
a lot more than me!

HollySomm said...

Well that sounds fun...except for the ambulance part...not so fun. You need to be careful honey. I don't want to have to come out there and visit you in the hospital so i can kick your butt, just for playing DDR. Be super super careful! I love you!