Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Answer Any and Every Question

So lately I have been asked about many MANY wuestions about epilepsy seizures, or what I do or things such as that. So lets see what I have on my list. (If you have any other questions, just ask. No prob.)

-Homeschooling/Independent Study- My mom had figured since I tend to have my seizures at school and they always send me to the hospital, that I should stay away from there. Too much going on and such. I wish I was back. I never figured I was ever say it but I've realized that within 2 weeks =[

-Whats Causing it?- We actually don't know. Ha. At first we thought it was from 3 years ago when I ran into a tree. As funny as it sounds.. acutally it does sound funny. I'm laughing now! But back to the point, the doctor said it couldn't be caused by that because it would of started back 3 yrs. So unfortunately they don't know. They also thought that it was my heart. That I was fainting, then a seizure. Mom and I voted that one off ourselves because she check my pulse while I was having one and it was normal. So it is still a mystery...oooh!

-Is there anything your Taking?- I'm actually taking Lamectal. My first nurolagist (no clue how to spell it0 gave it to me. Withing 2 weeks, at frist at 25mg, I was put up to 400mg. WHOA! He said the side affects were a rash. Then I was nausiated, fatiuge, dizzyness, and Headaches. Also what it can cause is live and kidney failure. I think we should have known that before hand. Who's with me on that!?

-Is there a special diet or something involving food?- I can't have sugar or caffiene. =`(. I was sad to hear that because these are my candy eating years. But that is my "Special" diet. Ha I was figured that I was gonna lose ALLOT of weight so that perked me up. Ha ha.

-Why do you look so tired?- That is my fatuige talking. Ha. I'm always so tired and sleeping all the time at church, and its not from the talks..or is it? But yet the Church is a calm place to be so its nice. But at night, when your sooo tired that you can't sleep? Well thats my problem. It sucks big time. But hey? What can you do? I KNOW! Church haha I'm kidding.

-Does the weather cause your seizures at all?- I think that question started out from my mom. But I think it does. I tend to have Grandmal siezures when it gets really cold. I love the cold but not enough to have a seizure for it.

-Florescent Lights?- Well I know they cause most of them. I've hadmany at school, church, seminary. Mainly at church though. A 20 minute one.. 20 minutes! Thats rediculous! Yet its so funny now. I'll tell you that story at the end. But yes, those lights are not my favorite. They give me the worst headaches. Its a bummer when it happens. =[

-Are you getting support from your family? Friends? You know I support you..- My family are big supporters as well as my friends. They crack jokes about it and everything. Thats what I love the most. I hate it when everyone is so serious of it. Its not like I'm gonna die any time soon, though it could happen but I'm crossing my fingers X O.o X. But I also love it when friends are there. 1. For they know what to do and I can hang out with them. I dig that. 2. They are laughing with me and care for me afterwards. Still laughing ha.

-What calms you down? Does it help?- YES! I love going into my room just chillin' and listening to music. I have alot of playlist that I listen to. Its calming and I dig it.

-What do you do when your not working on your homework and such?- I'm either in my room chillin' or watching T.V. and/or on the computer. I'm starting to get really good on FFR (DDR but using your fingers).

-When do you think you have it the most?- I think mainly on the weekends because thats when I can go out with my friends and have a great time. "It takes allot of courage out of me to let you go." My mom said that before I went to UOP to support my Speech and Debate team. I had a seizure during it but HEY! I had fun. Met new people after it. It was cool. But you can't just stay at home all the time and get depressed. You got to take risks.

(This is my favorite one. Not like I bring it up or anything just the fact it feels good to say how I feel this way)

-You have such a good attitude about all of this, how can you handle this?- At first I didn't really know how serious it was. Probably still don't but you can't sit and wallow over something you can't help but have until its under control. Life is like A Dress Rehersal, Epilepsy is just another line forgotten. Everything is a learning expierience.

So about my 20 in. One. I laugh at it now because I woke up to Firefighters, and Paramedics all around me. One had an I.V. all prepared and I told him to get that thing away from me. It was funny. Thats what I remember the most.

So if you have any other questions just let me know.


jenkay2004 said...

you seem to have a good attitude. But you do need to be careful.

Katie said...

No questions--just wanted to say I love you! You make me smile everytime I hear your voice (and I can hear your voice while I read your posts). Let's play soon because Kiara & I miss you. Be careful!