Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The New Do!

So as many have seen, I have cut my hair. I was honestly nervous but I knew it was time. 
So after Jons wedding, I was going to have it cut on Monday, but the people who were going to, were too busy so they couldn't. So that whole day was with Lexi. We had oodles of fun. 

Anyway, so on Tuesday Mom, Sonja, Aunt Cindy, and I all went to San Diego to take Jeni and her youngin Daniel back to their home.
It was a great ride up. Got to listen to music and talk.. I slept and chewed gum which was sooo STUPID of me. 

Within the last hour of driving, my jaw was killing me. It showed that my spacer was dug into my gums by chewing gum. It was terrible. Luckily when we got to Jeni's place, she had medicine and went and got some numbing thing. It definitely helped.
I woke up the next morning looking like this..

Try going to  the Zoo that day. I was glad I wasn't there for checking out guys.. I bet I got some of their attention though haha.

We later went to the temple and had major fun there. I don't ha
ve the greatest photos.. Jeni does.

Later that day, Jeni had made an Appt. with a woman in her ward who cuts hair. And I was super nervous but excited. So heres those details.

The next day, we went to the beach and it was great. It was majorly windy, no doubt. But getting sand down your shirt, that windy tan or if your Sonja, you get burnt even when you have loads of sunscreen on. Haha. It was great. 

Friday, we had to go home.. We really didn't want to go.. It was sad but  we had a great time with Jeni, Daniel, and Dennis. 

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