Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll ... Details!

So I finally got my picture uploaded to my computer so youcan see my turban and such! Lucky you! But lets start from where we left off..

So I went to Stanford. It was actually really boring when I first went there. Mom and I had to wait for such a long time. I was so hungry! Ha. So we met with this consultant about questions we had and where we would be.

She said that they will be gluing the chords to my head sense I'm going to be slepping and it could easily slip off if not. So they also had to wrap my head with gauze and some sticky stuff.

 She told me that We would be in the Cancer and Bone Narrow Transplant area because they just got some new rooms. 

We finally got called in and go to our room. Mom and I got lost bc we had no idea we would be in there.. [I wasn't really paying attention too much]. But we got in there and I met my advisor or something. I'm going to name her Marge [I don't remember her name]. She asked us a bunch of questions. Some about the family. Michael [sperm-donor.. aka Father]. My "Romantic" Friend [More details later]. My health wise. School. Friends. She wanted full on details.

Later she asked my mom to leave, and I kinda got worried because I did know what was going to happen! I was thinking full body search in case of cell phone and iPods. But no. It was just about my Social Life. She called it, "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll".

You obviously know what kind of questions are asked so I won't get into details with that one haha But then the "Tech" ladies came in and started working on putting the chords in.

The day went on and I then found out that I had
 to be sleep deprived. They wanted to see if that would cause a seizure. So that night I watch "Definitely, Maybe" and "Meet the Robinsons". I can  honestly say that, that was a hard night. 

Next day, I met my doctor. ... I don't remember his name but I did meet him and he said that I was going to meet the psychiatrist and talk and everything. At first I was like "I think I handle my seizures well enough to not talk about them, but whatever floats your boat." but no, he just wanted to see what was really going on.

That Doctor, Doctor Shaw. I remember him like it was yesterday! He was gorgeous, no joke! Like if you have seen "The Mentalist", he is the main guy! But shorter hair. He has an amazing accent! It New Zealand/England/South America. OMG.. it was amazing just to hear him ask questions and such.. Ugh! haha.

Anyway, he asked me what was going on with life. How was the family. The Fiance. My Romantic Life.. [I told him that this guy was my boyfriend instead of explaining dating and such..]. Schooling. My thoughts on my seizures. When My last one was. Why I was mad. He was more into the detail than Marge.. And thats saying alot. He encouraged me to express how I felt instead of keeping things in.. I'm still working on that one..

Him, my doctor, and Marge wanted to do this hypnosis on me to see if I have a seizure. I thought that I was going to spill my most inner secrets to the world! Its not like anyone would be suprised bc I told Dr. Shaw.. {I'm changing his name to McGorgeous.} . So I told McGorgeous everything like my past and such. My mom knows alot.. BUt a girl has some secrets to keep, ya know?

So we went to the hypno stuff and turns out I had the most mildest one out of all of them.. Thats like probably over 80 seizures.. That one just had to come then. So I slept afterwards and everything.

Apparently I don't have epileptic seizures.. But I have non-epileptic seizures enduced by stress. Not many people I know are too happy with that diagnosis but at least I have one.
THe next day, I was able to go home. I was so happy! They took out my chords.

I got to eat really good food while waiting for Jon and Becky to come pick mom and I up. 
I texted everyone and sent pictures of my bordem for they new I was out.

I was bored. So heres an extra pic =]] enjoy!!