Saturday, April 11, 2009

Every 15 Minutes..

Did you know that Every 15 mintues, someone dies or is seriously injured from and alcohol related accident? Well you do now.
Last week, at Bear Creek High School, they had the Every 15 Minutes program come to our school and have the program teach us what could happen. 
They used kids from our school they almost everyone knew. Have the car crash and such. It was hard seeing things like that BC I knew who all of them were.
The next day they had the "Funeral". Videos of what happened. And after the Golden Hour (First hour after the accident).
It was rough. I don't cry much but when the mother spoke and read the goodbye letter to her daughter, I balled. I imagined if that was my mother and I. 
Its a terrifying thing to realize, but its the truth. You can't avoid it.
I wish people would realized how much it could do to you. Rather you are the victem or the accuser or even the family.
Its hard to even think something could happen to you, or anyone close to you.

But its the truth. 

 The speedway ends at the cemetery.  ~ Author Unknown

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