Monday, July 6, 2009

Family Reunion.. And Some ROCKIN' Cowboys.

So I have gone to a family reunion. ANd what a thirlling one it was! Well not really, but I did enjoy myself. I, and my only friend there, Steven, were the only teenagers there. It was quite exciting. I loved the cowboys and realized that they are quite thrilling.
I went to my first rodeo! And I saw some missionaries while we were there. We were all pretty excited [or that could of just been me].
On Saturday, was the Fourth of July Parade. My cousins Cassidy, Hannah, and Sophie are bareback riders and they were in the parade along with the group they were in called the Eh Capa. It was pretty fun though I did get some sun, but I'm not complaining.
I got to get my first REAL cowboy hat and I LOVE IT.
That same night, there was a karoke and dance going on. It was exciting and I got to do the Karoke. But I would only do it if grandma paid me 7 bucks.

I loved the experience and next year we hope to do it again. :]

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