Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its been awhile..

I have a EEG in the morning so I'm up for the night.. So I'm typin' =]
So, I have had a busy busy week. I went from going to a party and forgeting people, to 3 movies nights in one week. Definitely soo busy.

But I'm not here to talk about my crazy life. I'm here to tell my story.

I'm a teenage girl. Just like other girls, I get into drama. I fall in love as deep as a 17 year old could fall. And I live life like there is no tomorrow.. Though not many girls do that. They think of the consequences which at times you definitely have to.

I remember the first time I had drama. Elementary school. During those days, I was probably 1 of 2 white girls in my class. I only had black and ansian friends.. I was the uh-oh oreo.. Those were the wreckin' days. But as years came and gone, friends come and go and drama fades.. You would think drama would fade aswell.. No it doesn't. Its forever with you! Shame, yes. But it helps you in the long run. When you are married or dating, you learn to communicate. Thats what drama has helped me with. You talk about whats wrong rather than running away from your problem.

Falling in love.. ..::sigh::.. You know when your a kid, and there is a cute boy in your class and he gives you gifts and you all of the sudden fall in love with the boy? Well, I was never that girl. I got gifts and one time I got a home-made candle in shaped in a heart, and I said I didn't want it and I threw it back at him.. I was a feisty =] BUt times cames and they led to crushes that leave you thinking "Could he be the one?" Haha and thats like 12 yr olds or 14.. Haha I would think about them too much. But once I got older, feelings came stronger and falling in love for the first time, as much as a 17 year old could love, was definitely different. Definitely hard to let go of. Because something bigger and not at all better came.

My seizures have changed my life. I don't know if it was for the better or worse, but they have really changed how my life has been. I see that more people are looking out for me.. Like a man, that I use to fear, not because he is mean bc he isn't! He's is one of the funniest, sweetest men I know, but he; is looking out for me..

People are out there, just wondering how things are. You think that there isn't anyone there to help you, or care, but there is always someone.

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