Thursday, December 25, 2008

This Year. Wish there was More Excitement!

So This year, has been a.. Hoot. I've gone through my ups and downs this year. Haha, I can say that its been mostly downs. I've gone through..
-9 Hospital Visits. (including..)
-23 paramedics
-32 Fire fighters.
-9 Doctors
-17 Nurses
-Over 56 seizures (still counting..)
-2 Weddings
-7 Dates.
-3 Guys.
-1 Kiss.
-3 Colds.
-And a pair of Shoes.

My hospital visits were mostly in my early monthes. It didn't work all that well to fake my age and say I was 18. They don't believe without a I.D. I later found out. But anyway, I don't like going there. No one does, its like a waste of your time unless you have a bullet through you or something! But I've got to say, the Medics are pretty gorgeous these days. I had one who came and got me while I was in seminary and he got me. He sat in the back with me and we talked about shoes (and no he wasn't gay). He would check up on me while I was in there aswell.
Seizures are in counting. I'm actually going to Standford on January 20th till the 24th. I'm getting tested in all sort of ways and the Doctor said that I need to rest all weekend while I'm back home.
My friend, Candy, got married in October and it was my first Non-Mormon wedding. I was excited! I've haven't gone to one. Different I can tell you that, but I enjoy enjoyed it. My second one is actually coming up this weekend. I saw the movie, The Wedding Date and decided that I would want a date. I'm taking my friend John from Lodi High. I got a dress and everything. I'm excited.
This yeah I turned 16. I was so excited! I would go out on dates, and flirt with cute guys and all that jazz!The typical reason why girls want to turn 16. So I was ready! There was nothing that was going to stop me (except friend, and parents, and the guys who were going to be shy ha) but I was going on the first on Valentines Day. My First Date with one of my friends. My Dream. Ha. No. But I took him for my Best friend Hollee wouldn't feel awkward with her date. We went to Johns Incredible Pizza. Great fun. But I also had gone to Prom, Movies (worst date place I think) and Thunder Games. But yet I learned so much now than dating exclusively.
I became really close with my best guy friend Caleb. He's an amazing guy, great person to talk to. We dated exclusively and my seizures just HAD to get in the way. I told him that we have to become just friends again. He understood. I'm not suprised but I knew it took some time for him. The other 2 guys..
I had my first kiss.
I worked out my Favorite Shoes. They were given to me by my grandma. I love them. Well when she began to Shimmee, she had to go to a "Hotel" (or prison) and take my shoes with her for she could work out and walk around. Her as her social Butterfly, talked to everyone and anyone. I think thats where I get it from.

I can say that 2008 was an exspensive year for our family and that our insurance loves us.
My seizures have changed my life an many ways. My mom watches me much closely. People are curious about me. They check up often aswell. Its nice, but I'd like my old life back as when it was.

Just to let those who know me and see me often as a warning, I'm not taking my medicine for a week. You'd probably think its stupid but I want to see whether or not I'll seize. I'm worried that I won't in Stanford so I'll keep you updated on that. I haven't had one since Sunday at church.
~Quote of the Month~

"Wow! You look good.. But I'm a little worried about you. You shouldn't lose weight like this, Alicia.."
"Oh but its such a great diet! What you do is have a seizure and you lose 3 pounds! You should try it.. but you can't. I'm one of the lucky few."

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