Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spread a Little Love.

This past week, I've learned, in a deeper way, that friends have really rough times too. That when you have someone in your life that has always been a thorn in your toe. But everyone takes it differently. Some people shut away from that person. Some avoid. Some shut themselves out from everyone.
What I think people should do is confront. I'm not saying that I'm a confronting person, but I can be when I'm not in the mood to be pushed around or if someone I care for is being bothered.
Why do people purposely do things anyway? Why do girls have a guy on the hook when that guy truly does care about her? Or the father is such a bully as a kid that he now? Or why a young woman seems so kind to everyone, but treats those who were close as if they meant absolutely nothing?
I think of this and think how I'm so grateful that my closest friends and I can be so open with each other.

If I work on spreading kindness and not a bully to others, I challenge you to do the same.

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