Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome, 2010.

I haven't been on, in forever. I know. I haven''t done that well of a job with this at all. But I've been so busy with training Simba and working on my Senior Paper that a blog? Wasn't top priority.

With 2010 here, I look back and see what has happened in 2009 that has really changed my life.

1. I hooked up my Best Friend, with a friend of mine. It didn't hurt that bad till I knew he was gone and I never get to hang out again. I learned that friends are rare, especially the best ones.

2. Dating is very good. Don't rush into a relationship, just because you have a chance to get into one. You must really think of what you want. I dated a guy because we made a deal to date for a month. I ended it. 1. Because so much was going on and it was dificult. 2. I put a close friend of mine in the somewhat same position that I was in with my Best friend and my friend. was hurt and I didn't want to put her in the same feeling I was.

3. Losing a friend is a really hard thing to go through in your teenage years. Especially is you have history.
I'll even tell you why.
I dated a guy named *John. I went to EFY with him. Stayed in touch because he was awesome! He took me to his first Prom as his first date. We stayed in touch and got closer and we ended up dating and getting closer. These past 6 months of 2009, he stopped starting conversations so I had to initiate the conversation. Long story short: Our friendship is no more. Its one thing I would take back in a heart beat. I don't regret things, but that I do.

4. Backstabbing is NOT okay. I never done it personally but being lied to is a definite No No in my eyes. You keep the secrets and go straight to the source.

5. School is more important than you know. You learn so much from school. Eve id you think its pointless. In geometry I learned to have patience. Theater taught me to spread my horizons. English, life is going to be tough but you got to laugh it through.

But most of all, Your Family and Friends are what makes you, YOU.

I know this is supposed to be a blog about how my seizures have changed my life, but I know that many things have changed it as well.

Simba has really changed my life.
Last Friday I was in the Theater for a Drama day for 3rd and 4th grade kids. Simba was acting up already and I knew it was weird. He started to bite the ground! I had to stand aside from it and just watch. Once Simba started to bark, I had to go. I left Nathan and AJ with all the kids. I tried to make it to the office but I couldn't make it so I ran into the Teachers Lounge.
I woke up with Harley & Anthony [security guards], and My VP. They told me that Simba stod over me and protected from anyone to come near. He collected everything I dropped and put it in a pile and when I woke up, he laid flat on top of me and growled at anyone who came close till I said it was okay.

I'm grateful for the year ahead.
-Job Search
-Simbas Graduation
-My year with Nathan.

Drama is going to happen Naturally. But I'll learn something from everything I go through.

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Anonymous said...

That is totally amazing that Simba did that. I'm so happy he is working out for you. I'm sorry we don't talk as much as we used to but we're still as close now as we were then. Love you Ali.