Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BIg Big News.

I've got to put this up before its old news and theres no point to put it up.
I went to Stanford (and there will be pictures put up). It was great. Had its moments of boredom but I found out that I'm not epileptic. I have non-epileptic seizures which is a blessing. I'm grateful its not epilepsy because that is a very deadly thing. Not saying these aren't but I rather say they aren't to make me feel better =] 
They say it's stress-induced. At first when the psychiatrist asked me if I had any stress in my life, I said no, but then questions were asked about my family, friends, and "romantic" life (I found that question awkward.) and I realized that I have.. A few. 
So the doctors and psychiatrist suggested that I see a counselor or therapist. I'm able to go back to school. And go back to my regular ways. How my life was before.
It'll take some time and money definitely. 

Thanks to everyone =]]


Suzi said...

Yay for good news! I am glad you will be able to go back to school. do you still have to take medication?

HollySomm said...

That's awesome Lee! I'm so happy for you..and a little jealous. haha, I wish that was the case with me. Good luck with therapy and such. I love you!